Southern Sun breeds naturally mated Italian queen bees.

We aim to constantly improve the quality and productivity of our queens and the emphasis of our breeding programme is to develop high producing queens of an even temperament. We are also working on improving the hygenic behaviour of our queens.

We take orders for the folllowing:

  • Overwintered queens. These queens are mated in the previous season, carried over winter and available in early spring in very limited quantities. Orders for these need to be placed by the 31st March for delivery the following Spring.
  • Spring mated queens. Newly mated queens available from October each year. Delivery is weather dependent. Early ordering is recommended as demand is high.
  • Summer queens. Newly mated queens available from January to March each year. These are perfect for splitting hives after honey harvesting or a general requeening programme.

Queen delivery

  • Queens are sent with Courier Post on Tuesdays.
  • All packages are ‘track and traced’ and in most cases delivered overnight.


Contact us for more information or to place an order.